We are proud stockists of the Interton Ready Range as well as the Interton Share Range.

Small and durable, ergonomic design for an all-day comfort

Interton hearing aids are ready for action, delivering great sound in any situation. They’re cleverly nano-coated to be sweat and dust resistant.
What’s more, their ergonomic fit makes them comfortable enough for your clients to wear all day, and they come in a wide range of shapes and colors.

Your smartphone loves Interton

Now you can control and adjust your hearing aids with your smartphone too. Download the Interton Sound app to:

• Avoid having to fiddle with your hearing aid in public and use the app to easily adjust sound and volumes.

•Switch between pre-defined sound programs for the best hearing experience in every situation.

•Pre-set your own personalized environments to tailor your hearing to the places you go every day.

•Use “Hearing aid Finder” to locate your hearing aids if you misplace them.

Our new Interton Ready range

▸ Great sound even in noisy situations

▸ Durability and water resistant tested.

▸ Adaptive Noise Reduction

▸ Made for people on the move

▸ Interton Sound app for users' effortless listening 

▸ New intuitive fitting software

▸ Small and comfortable to wear

▸ Durable, nano-coated design

▸ Tested and proven GN quality

For more information on the Interton hearing aids please visit the Interton WEBSITE or CONTACT US directly.